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Reproductive genetics solutions

Reproductive genetics IVIGEN is a company that provides advanced services in reproductive genetics. Our broad experience and qualifications make us one of the global leaders in this field, and we are confident we can provide you with effective solutions to your infertility problems.

Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) for gender selection

The most accurate gender selection test

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latest news

22 October, 2014

Carlos Simon Ky Cha Award

Co-Scientific Director of IviGen, Carlos Simón, receives KY Cha Award for investigation into cellular reprogramming

Ivigen presents an advance in non-invasive embryonic selection with an award-winning research which aims to generate sperm and egg cells by reprogramming skin cells. The research Direct conversion of human […]

6 October, 2014

Scientific program Ivigen ASRM 2014

Ivigen at ASRM 2014

Are you attending the ASRM this year? In that case we will be delighted to invite you to visit our space (booth 1510) and take this opportunity to learn about […]

28 July, 2014

Carlos Simon Eshre 14

VIDEO : Merck Serono Symposia at ESHRE’14 – Prof. Carlos Simón, MD, Ph D

Lecture: New developments on biomarkers of endometrial receptivity.

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