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Reproductive genetics solutions

Reproductive genetics IVIGEN is a company that provides advanced services in reproductive genetics. Our broad experience and qualifications make us one of the global leaders in this field, and we are confident we can provide you with effective solutions to your infertility problems.

Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) for gender selection

The most accurate gender selection test

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Comprehensive Chromosome Screening allows pregnancy for 40 year old women

23 October, 2013

IviGen’s Products of Conception (POC) Testing

We are excited to announce that IviGen’s advanced Products of Conception (POC) Test is now available! As you know, Products of Conception (POC) allows the testing of miscarriage losses within […]

Carlos Simon Ivigen

21 October, 2013

Co-Founder and Co-Scientific Director of Ivigen, Carlos Simón, appointed Adjunct Clinical Professor at Stanford University, USA Press release

Professor Carlos Simón, IVIOMICS and IVI’s Scientific Director and a Full Professor at the University of Valencia has been appointed Adjunct Clinical Professor of Stanford University’s Department of Obstetrics and […]

69th ASRM Annual Meeting Boston

11 October, 2013

Iviomics attended the 69th ASRM Annual Meeting from October 12-17 in the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

Visitors had the apportunity to visit our space to learn about Ivigen and our genetic diagnostic services for reproductive medicine offered from our laboratories in USA (Miami-Los Angeles). iVIGEN ASRM […]

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